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Show and Tell.

First, my apologies to photographers everywhere. Now, here are a few basic shots of what this place looks like.

The Tree House Restaurant in Santa Elena. Get it? There’s a tree inside their restaurant!

The bulk of Santa Elena. You can see the Tree House Restaurant just left of center. It’s the yellow building with the two arched windows. (Khris, it’s the one with giant tree growing through it.)

The view from Santa Elena back towards where we live. See the radio tower? See the hotel about 300 yards to the right of it with the green roof? Our place is about a half mile farther past that hotel.

Looking west at the Gulf of Nicoya from in front of the language school where we’re staying. Sunsets are crazy.

For the record, Santa Elena is Monteverde’s neighboring village. It’s where the main stores are. It’s about a 25 minute walk from our apartment.

The farmers market today sucked, mainly because it closed three hours early. By the time we got there all that remained of it was a lonely old woman sitting in front of a moldy papaya in the middle of the high school gymnasium.

It should go without saying that Pam bought the papaya.

17 Responses to “Show and Tell.”

  1. Khris

    @Lynne. You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. Thanks for being a team player.

  2. Lynne

    OMG, “Fog of War” – I can just envision this entire scene, Nick!!! I hope the PTSD has passed soon…(geeze I would’ve written LOL but now I’ve realized I shouldn’t anymore since Khris says people can’t if they’re over 40; buzzkill)!

  3. Catherine

    Dude! Costa Rica gave you your own radio show? That is awesome!!!

  4. Khris

    Rubber crutch. Now that’s funny. I would have typed LOL but I’m over 40.

  5. Nick

    @ReConCo: Hell, you’ve heard my radio show. You should have known my blog was going to suck.

    @Ray: And from you, a professional blogger!

  6. Ray

    ReConCo, I’m sure you’re operating this blog just fine. Tell your sister Tricia that the blog is about as funny as a rubber crutch.

  7. ReConCo

    My sister, Tricia, said to look at this blog because it is funny. Maybe I don’t know how to operate the blog…

  8. Kathryn (& Gary)

    Where are the pictures of our room?

    Just bought our Lonely Planet Costa Rica guide to get a flavor. We’re thinking maybe last couple weeks in February would be a good time for us. You’ll still be there? :-)

  9. Khris

    2 days and no communication from Nick? I guess you won Craig. I thought he would last at least 2 weeks. Nick…he was good man…kinda.

  10. chris

    I understand that there are no organic stores there. Guess you all will have to plant your own little garden free from pesticides etc. I bet there is alot of natural fruits there…
    have fun and keep us all smiling..

  11. chris

    so glad you made it the pictures are beautiful…Sorry that rae was hasseled about her ethniticity…You made it quite humorous…even still It must of been a real deal…The area you are in is absolutely beautiful…Nothing like I expected but really pretty…I miss you all already but so nice to get Pams email and your blogging…Hope you are all fine…hasta luego…talk soon

  12. Khris

    FYI, guey sounds like “way”. So if you ask around make sure you say way not goowey. I wouldn’t say it to anyone if you are in a bar or dark alley without backup. Mucho amore guey,

  13. Jill and Tom

    I don’t know how this works. Have a great time. We are sorry that the BBQ didn’t happen before you guys left. Take care and we will keep in touch. Do you get mail there? Where do we send it? Love, Kisses and hugs, Jill and Tom

  14. Nick


    As soon as I figure out what that means, you’re dead.

    Rae starts school this Wednesday. Pam and I start classes the following week.

    It gets cold in Ouray in February?

  15. Khris

    Sorry Nick but I don’t see the restaurant. I only see the building with the tree in front of it? It’s also a house? Those crazy Costa Rican’s. So when do the girls start their schools? Or was that just a line to leave us here in the cold for a few months. Adios Guey

  16. Nick

    Settle down. I said you’re BOTH idiots.

    Since my Spanish is so bad, I’m not entirely sure that old lady was even selling that papaya. Pam may have just snatched the old bag’s last meal right out from under her and thrown a few colones at her.

    Oh well. Typical social worker…


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