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Show and Tell #2: Monteverde, Samara, Playa de Azucar

OK. Picture time. Here’s a chunk of photos for your viewing pleasure. My apologies to photographers everywhere.

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the photo. You’ll also be rewarded with a riveting description of each picture. If you want to return to this gallery page, just click on “Idiot Abroad.”

Speaking of that, I’m thinking about changing “Idiot Abroad” since Ricky Gervais has a show of the same name. Suggestions are welcome. And while “Asshole Abroad” may be accurate, it is still discouraged.

11 Responses to “Show and Tell #2: Monteverde, Samara, Playa de Azucar”

  1. stephaniewallin Wallin

    Loving the pics, wishing we were coming! A big Cumpleanos Feliz from the Wallin Family!! May a Costa Rican 40th treat you well! We miss you guys!

  2. Nick

    Craig, gud idea.

    Kevin, “Leave It to Bieber?”

    Chris, sorry to hear about your brother. Hope he’s feeling better.

    And “next trip?”

  3. chris

    hey nice photos. wish i could of came down to see you but for now my life is somewhat on hold for long trips. my brother who was my choice for mom isn’t feeling great so i will pass and come to your next trip love to you all

  4. Kevin

    Eight pounds of uncut cocaine
    Justin Biebers hair
    Eight pounds of Justin Biebers hair uncut
    moammar gadhafi’s fun house
    Deposed Despot Boy Band

    Your welcome

  5. Craig Kaminsky

    I just like the fact that you think having the same name as a Ricky Gervais is bad. If you want 50 million visitors, then you need to be stealing Ricky’s traffic.

    In fact, get rid of that dumb-ass Brando photo and replace it with Gervias. Then, start throwing u’s into every goddaumn wourd and no one will knouw the differeunce between you and him.

    Two months later … you’ll be able to retire to a small shithole in the mountains of Costa Rica.

  6. Khris

    Try to bring back a few strangler fig seeds. I have an idea. The pictures remind me of my youth on the beaches of Oklahoma, thanks for bringing back some great memories. In regards to a new blog name:

    Idiota Abroad
    Idiota es aqui
    Idota es alli
    Musings of a mad man
    Le petit Kerouac
    Le Grande Ginsberg
    Your wasting your time here
    You will never get these wasted minutes back
    I like sunshine and sometimes I like sunshine

    I know, I know the above are like little jewels. I’m just getting warmed up my friend. But alas, the Daily Show awaits my attention. I must keep up with current affairs.

    Oh, Is Pam still there? I don’t recall seeing her in any pictures in quite some time. In fact, I don’t recall seeing any pictures of you. Is this really Nick?

    Adios Guey

  7. Nick

    No kidding. First he ruins the Golden Globes and now this.

    I like the names, but since I’m trying to boost traffic to my site so I can get 50 million subscribers by the end of the month and start advertising and then eventually retire off the proceeds, I was thinking about calling the website, “Hot Sex Sarah Palin Sucks Cheap Viagra Cute Kittens Obama Sucks Monteverde Blog Sex.”

    But I think Gervais might have a show coming out by that title, too.

  8. Mike Henry

    Great pics, Nick, and I can’t believe Ricky Gervais stole your name!

    Off the top of my head I’m going to suggest “Cowpoke Abroad,” or maybe “Jester’s Travels.”

  9. Nick

    A picture is worth one thousand scorpions, Sue. Rae found a smaller one in the house a few weeks later. I gave him a one-way ticket to Pancake City, too.

    In other news that may interest you, I ran into Marvin Rockwell’s son when we were down at Playa de Azucar last week. He lives in the States and was visiting the beach before going to meet his dad. Told me some fascinating stories about his dad. I’m going to stop by and say hello to Marvin one of these days.


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