The joy and splendor of travel lost on one man

A Little Too Much Nature.

A quick mention about Costa Rican wildlife.

Costa Rican kittens are adorable.



Costa Rican sloths are absolutely cuddly.



Costa Rican toucans are exciting and appropriately exotic.



Costa Rican scorpions can kiss my ass. Meet Victim #5:

Somebody call The Cleaner.

Definitely not the shoe I used to smack him.

Note the guts on the wall.

So how does one realize there’s a scorpion in the house? Just listen for the shrieks coming from your daughter’s bedroom, that’s how!

13 Responses to “A Little Too Much Nature.”

  1. Nick

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

    If Ernest was so tough, he should have sung to Eliot a few verses from the “The Love Song of J. Alfred Fistrock.”

  2. Ray

    “Costa Rican scorpions can kiss my ass.”

    Said Nick Sustana.

    “A damned good poet and a fair critic; but he can kiss my ass as a man.

    Said Ernest Hemingway of T.S. Eliot.

  3. Nick

    Lincoln, it’s hard to sleep when you’re standing on top of the kitchen table with a shotgun in one hand and a first-aid kit in the other.

    Lee, I have no doubt that you could have summoned the courage to demand that Pam go in there and crush that scorpion, just like I did.

  4. lee horwitz

    You are clearly a much more courageous man than me (kind of like being the tallest midget)…regards to all.

  5. lincoln

    Not sure I’d invite them to “kiss my ass” as that is probably their intent. Remember the Ben and Willard movies? Your scorpion karma is running pretty low. Do you sleep at night?

  6. Nick

    Michelle, lucky for you the 50 fleas crawling on it don’t show up in the photo.

    Jeff, you should have seen what that sloth looked like when I got done with it. (And thanks for stopping by. Good to hear from you.)

  7. Jeff

    I was expecting that scorpion to be a smear. You’re going soft

  8. Nick

    You have no idea. He ran under the bed you were sleeping in, then hid in your closet.

    Wait, I’m sorry. I meant, “tried to hide in your closet.”

  9. Heather

    Ever wonder why I fled from your casita last February?


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