The joy and splendor of travel lost on one man

So Long, My Dong.

I’m flying out of this joint in a few hours, so let’s get to the grand finale.


1. You have to be careful around the more aggressive street vendors here. They’ll do anything to separate a man from his dong.

2. Pam was furious when she found out that I blew my dong at the blackjack table.

3. All my masseuse did for 30 minutes was rub my shoulders. What a total waste of my dong!


Thank you, Vietnam! You’ve been great!

10 Responses to “So Long, My Dong.”

  1. Nick

    Khris, your dong is in the mail.

    Chase, how are you? Good to hear from you. We should travel here together. You’re just the photographer I need to capture photos of me waving my dong around in Vietnam.

  2. Lee

    I’d really appreciate it if you could explain to me exactly how you blew your dong….such information could prove to be extremely useful….safe trip home guys…

  3. Bruce Gulde

    I’m sure Nick will be happy to show anyone who wants to see the dong — if there’s any left after Pam exhausts his dong.

  4. Khris

    Would you mind bringing back a dong? A small one is fine. I would like to see what it looks like.

  5. Jennifer Greenholt

    Good thing you blew your dong, you know it’s no good at OBRiens West. Safe travels.


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