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This Week in Graffiti (#1)


After posting one blog entry so far in 2017 I’ve decided maybe I should focus more on quantity over quality. Of course, whether quality has ever been a factor in any of my posts is open for debate–just barely.

“This Week in Graffiti” will be a new feature to the blog. I like it because I don’t have to write jack squat, which is probably best for everyone.

This week’s work focuses mainly on the upcoming independence referendum. The referendum vote is shaping up to be one of the greatest clusterfucks in the history of Spain. I cannot wait for October 1 to arrive. It’s going to be a circus. I will write about it soon.

Now let’s take a look at the graffiti. For convenience, I provided translations for those who have forgotten their high school Catalan and Spanish.

Let’s start with the featured image.




TRANSLATION: “A woman’s place is in the kitchen–making Molotov cocktails.”




TRANSLATION: “Without disobedience, there is no independence.”

This is an outstanding example of pro-secession propaganda.



This is an outstanding example of anti-secession propaganda.




TRANSLATION (loose): “Enjoy your visit.”

I had a difficult time with this translation due to the sloppy handwriting. I think the translation is fairly accurate, but tomorrow I’m going to ask some of my neighbors what they think.

The beer on top was mine. I hope I didn’t ruin the artist’s intent by placing it there.

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  1. Lincoln

    Welcome back from the dead. The quantity concept gives me something to look forward to a bit more often. Thanks.

    • Nick

      Ha. You two should be so lucky. Ask Kyle when he and his friends are coming to BCN to trash this house. And tell him we no longer have cats, so his bed is safe.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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