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Shameless self-promotion.

If you thought my updating this blog once a year was bad, how about the fact that I publish something at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency once every 14 years? See you all in 2035.

If you’re not familiar with McSweeney’s, it is the internet’s most prestigious humor website, by far. They only publish works of genius. Getting published there is slightly more prestigious than having Jesus Christ descend from the heavens on a silvery cloud and hand you a Nobel Prize in Literature.

8 Responses to “Shameless self-promotion.”

  1. Lee

    If only I wasn’t so old and knew how to selectively block certain incoming emails….so it goes….hope you are well…..I think

  2. Craig Kaminsk

    Wow. Didn’t realize you (and McSweeny’s) were “bigger than Jesus”.

  3. Lincoln W Anderson

    Given the probable origin of the virus, and our view toward our fellow humans on that side of the planet, I would have thought that “The China Salesman” variant would have been crush-worthy.

    And congratulations on your uber-Nobel Prize! Welcome back! And enjoy your next hiatus. Although we wouldn’t mind a slightly higher frequency of your work. We enjoy it.


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